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From James Cook <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache ignoring httpd.conf assigned path - SOLVED
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2015 18:53:53 GMT
This one is a big shortcoming on Apple's part and OS X Server. 

Under the heading of Work with Apache, OS X Server Documentation shows cgi as served from
/Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables/. And sure enough, there's a CGI-Executables folder right
where they said it should be.

In OS X Server's Help module, for cgi info, it links you to the Apache tutorial on .htaccess
files. There you can learn to edit the htaccess to provide Apache with your desired paths.
But it never works.

What Apple never gets around to sharing is that OS X Server has it's own special config file:
httpd_server_app.conf. You'll find information about it in a Read Me.txt located inside /Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/.
It's the sole reference I've found to the httpd_server_app.conf which is the only reference
to the non-existant /Library/Server/Web/Data/CGI-Executables directory.

So, the solution for cgi-bin URLs on OS X Server is to either create a new folder /Library/Server/Web/Data/CGI-Executables
for your cgi scripts. Or edit the cgi ScriptAlias and Directory paths to match what you would
prefer such as /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables which Apple refers to everywhere else.
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