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From Daniel <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Any Comparisons? -- mod_wl vs mod_proxy vs mod_jk
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2015 10:28:20 GMT
Hello Nick (niq), ezra-s here.

I don't vouch for oracle documentation as inquestionable but I'll try to
explain the best I can in my experience.

WLSRequest on
* Lower overhead with WLSRequest on as opposed to SetHandler
weblogic-handler common method to handle when locations / extensions should
be proxied to weblogic backend.
* Documentroot on slow filesystem, as of nfs, I have experiened this.
 * Resolves 403 errors for URIs which cannot be mapped to the

For what I understand it means that filesystem is not checked with
WLSRequest, but it is when you use the common SetHandler weblogic-handler
method to make a specific location/file be proxied to weblogic server.

About "filesystem length restrictions" I also have seen this with requests
with a very long uri, we even have had some queries about this one in
#httpd. Not sure it 100% related, but when compiling apr "make test" will
report an error for this too, in ext4 at least, haven't checked others

Regards (don't punish me too much! ;P)

2015-02-09 10:52 GMT+01:00 Nick Kew <>:

> On Mon, 2015-02-09 at 08:13 +0100, Daniel wrote:
> >         Has anyone seen, or have, any links that can help outline the
> >         difference?
> Questions like that very often get answers based on comparing
> a new-and-better solution against something ancient -
> like a 1997 apache version.
> There's nothing wrong with this answer in particular,
> but I think answers like this do need challenging
> (you've got another followup that appears to be
> premised on an outdated description of mod_proxy).
> > * Lower web server processing overhead in general
> Lower than what?  And why?
> > * Resolves substantial performance degradation when the web server
> > DocumentRoot is on a slow filesystem
> Bizarre.  Why would you put document root on a slow filesystem?
> In any case, proxy requests run without reference either to
> documentroot or the filesystem.  Unless you go out of your way
> to make your server complex and inefficient!
> > * Resolves 403 errors for URIs which cannot be mapped to the
> > filesystem due to the filesystem length restrictions
> WTF?  Filesystem length restrictions?  That smells of MSDOS
> 8.3 filenames.  Is there really any modern platform that
> might be affected, or was the author of that scraping the
> bottom of the barrel for marketing claims?
> I'm sure mod_wl has its merits, but claims like these do
> it no favours.  Or can you substantiate them?
> --
> Nick Kew
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