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From Stephen Liu <>
Subject [users@httpd] 回覆︰ [users@httpd] 回覆︰ [users@httpd] About installing Apache web server
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2015 16:54:40 GMT
Hi Lester,

Thanks for your advice.

In the past I installed LAMP on desktop.  Running its web browser I can edit the webpage/website
without problem.  Now I install LAMP on Ubuntu server without X I have no way to edit the
webpage locally.  Maybe I have to edit it remotely on another machine/guest.  

I make this change because of security reason.  On googling I found some suggestion mentioning
that without X/GUI it is more secure.

Stephen L 

     Lester Caine <> 於 2015年04月15日 (週三) 12:37 AM 寫道﹕

 On 14/04/15 16:22, Stephen Liu wrote:
> If installing the website on a server without X then running a text
> browser such as w3m/elinks only text are displayed on the terminal.

You need to have a network connection available TO the location where
you are running Apache. You will only talk to the web server via a port
80 connection, and if you can't see that ...

You need a graphics based browser to access that werver if you want to
see more than text, but the server itself does not need anything other
than Apache running to serve up web pages.

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to achieve? If you WANT to use a
graphic browser on the server then you need a desktop, but APACHE does
not need the desktop, only the browser. You can chck the text logs and
status to verify that the server is running, and test graphic pages via
a remote browser.

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