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From Brian McBride <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: mod_reqtimeout question:
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2015 13:29:07 GMT
Not having had a response to this question I'm left wondering whether 
I've screwed up maybe by not asking a clear question or asking in the 
wrong place.  Or maybe I just asked it at a bad time or I'm just out of 
luck and no one is motivated to respond.


On 02/04/15 15:43, Brian McBride wrote:
> Given an apache 2.4 server with:
>   ReadRequestTimeout header=60-65,rate=500
> When a client opens a persistent connection to that server, does the 
> request timeout apply to
>   a) each request sent down the connection individually, or
>   b) the whole connection, i.e. the connection will close after 65 
> seconds of reading requests even if there
>       are more requests ready to send
> Background:
> I have two apache 2.4 servers, one acting as a reverse proxy for the 
> other.  Both have mod_reqtimeout enabled.
> The reverse proxy is using persistent connections to talk to the backend.
> I have applied a steady test load of 1 request per second; requests 
> are quick to process in the backend
> I'm getting 502 errors from the front end.  It appears that the 
> backend is closing the connections, though its hard to be sure which 
> end is.
> The rate of 502 errors reduces the longer I make the 
> ReadRequestTimeout.  I get no errors if I disable mod_reqtimeout. It 
> looks like the backend is closing then connections after about N 
> seconds where N is the timeout value, even in the presence of a steady 
> load.
> MaxKeepAliveRequests and KeepAliveTimeout are set very high.
> I'm pretty new to this sort of thing.  I'd appreciate any thoughts or 
> guidance.
> Brian

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