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From Ruben Son <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] how to get httpd to use a proxy, cascading to a 2nd proxy ?
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2015 12:42:53 GMT
I am sorry but I can't
Answer your question cause I am still building my network  but had to say
your setup sounds very interesting and I have similar plans with the
Android I am new to servers I installed Apache on a ubuntu host  on a hp 8
gig ram installed on a 2 tb external hard drive I don't know much of the
command line so trying out windows server 2012 for the gui well this is
getting long and not pertaining to Apache so that said I'll end hear I'll
be studying your question in the future I am sure thanks for asking it
sorry I was of no help
On Apr 1, 2015 3:53 PM, "Julian H. Stacey" <> wrote:

> Hi all on
> Can httpd _use_ (not just _be_) a proxy, cascading to a 2nd proxy on a
> gate ?
> (Not just the common case of httpd serving as a proxy for down stream
> clients,
>  though I need that too on same httpd,  I already have that part working)
> I want to get httpd on an internal host to serve as a proxy to a
> USB tethered android (which it is already doing), + to pass requests
> over ethernet LAN to a 2nd proxy on a LAN gateway.
> This may seem unusual, here's the reason:
>         An android is tethered (IP over USB) to a FreeBSD PC laptop,
>         Orweb browser on Android allows use of a proxy, FreeBSD
>         laptop runs apache 2.2.29 httpd (listening on the USB IP)
>         with httpd proxy enabled & PC allows android to reach various
> httpd PCs
>         on local LAN of the PC.
>         I now want to tell the httpd on the PC interfacing the android,
>         to pass android requests to a 2nd httpd running on the gateway
> host,
>         to reach the internet.
> Why ? Why dont I just configure the FreeBSD PC to bridge packets
> from USB to LAN ethernet, & on to LAN gate ?
>   - I may later want a firewall on the laptop ( to protect LAN from lots of
>     untrusted android binaries, + android WLAN & SIM interfaces).
>   - Pragmaticaly , I've tried & failed to create a bridge,
>     I think the FreeBSD PC side is OK:
>         /etc/rc.conf gateway_enable="YES"  +
>         sysctl net.inet.ip.forwarding=1
>     But Android rejects syntaxes such as
>         route add default
>         route add default gw
>         route add default gw dev eth0
>     & no manuals, & I'm new to Android (but familiar with Apache & FreeBSD)
> If httpd wont use a proxy, maybe I'll try packet diversion
> via FreeBSD's ipfw,  but I'm hoping Apache httpd can use a proxy ?
> I've read
> & contemplated nasty cludges eg:
>         1st httpd on PC connected to android:
>                 <VirtualHost    *>
>                 ServerName
>                 Redirect temp /store/apps http://gate/playgoogle
>         2nd httpd on LAN gate:
>                 Redirect temp /playgoogle
> But it would be Ugly & wouldnt work for other URLs, eg when android map
> apps
> go other places to load maps etc.
> Maybe there's some clever mapping with
> 1st httpd to be receive request
>         http://domain/url_under_domain
> & emit
>         http://gate/indirect_trigger/domain/url_under_domain
> & 2nd=gate to redirect to
>         http://domain/url_under_domain
> Ideas / suggestions please ?
> Cheers,
> Julian
> --
> Julian Stacey, BSD Linux Unix C Sys Eng Consultant Munich
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