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From "Lesley Kimmel" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Compiling Apache (2.4) Statically (Not just modules)
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2015 01:12:17 GMT

I frequently compile Apache 2.2 (soon 2.4) for my job. I compile Apache with
OpenSSL (FIPS) and ZLib. I recently updated my process to work with Apache
2.4 and I have usually used the most basic options for each sources
'configure' script. I want to look into compiling all of the source
statically since I provide all of these items as a single "package"

What I have so far is to place APR/APR-UTIL under the
HTTPD_SOURCE_DIR/srclib and compile with --with-included-apr.

I configure pcre:
./configure --prefix=/opt/apache24 --disable-shared --disable-cpp
zlib: ./configure --static --prefix=/opt/apache24
openssl: ./configure --prefix=/opt/apache24 no-shared

I want to end up with my various prerequisites statically compiled
(including APR/APR-UTIL). To that end I have several questions as I'm
definitely not a C programmer:
1) How can I specify that APR/APR-UTIL be statically compiled? Do I have to
compile them separately and not use --with-included-apr?
2) Can I compile most modules as shared except those using the static source
libraries, e.g. mod_ssl, mod_deflate? Others?
3) Can the Apache configure options --with-mods-shared
and --with-mods-static be used successfully together?
4) What effect does --enable-static-support have? I was hoping this would
impact APR/APR-UTIL.
5) Is there even any benefit to attempting to compile this in such a way? I
know that compiling everything dynamically would allow me to switch out the
various components in the event that one or more of them needed updating.
However, In my environment it is just as easy to recompile the entire
package and redeploy so this is not really a benefit for me.

I'm working my way through testing out these various questions but it's
taking some time to clean up and keep recompiling under various test-cases.
I was hoping to get some quick insight from other users.

-Les Kimmel 

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