Hi all,

Thanks for your advice.

I couldn't resolve how to test the website locally.  

If installing the website on a Desktop running on a VM/guest of Virtualbox/KVM on local GUI browser I can browse the website by running /localhost/domain.  

If installing the website on a server without X then running a text browser such as w3m/elinks only text are displayed on the terminal.

Stephen L

Lester Caine <lester@lsces.co.uk> 於 2015年04月14日 (週二) 11:11 PM 寫道﹕

On 14/04/15 15:56, Stephen Liu wrote:

> Does Apache web server need X (X window) to run?  Can I install it on
> server without X, not on desktop? If YES then how can I test the web
> server locally without a GUI browser?  w3m/elinks/lynx etc only displays
> the web page as text.  Please advise.

Don't need any graphics interface loaded to run Apache or any of the
related server stack. But you do need to learn about command line tools
to manage things. Just which command line management tools will depend
on your distribution, but I have several remote machine which I only
access via ssh and then use things like phpinfo to test things over the
internet. You only need to know that the server is running and then you
can access it remotely as web pages.

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