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From Good Guy <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: make apache 2.4.17 portable under ubuntu
Date Sat, 17 Oct 2015 00:23:03 GMT
On 16/10/15 22:11, Raf Roger wrote:
> Hi,
> I used during several years a portable version of my webserver under 
> windows 7/8 to shift from laptop to desktop computer and without 
> duplicating webserver from one computer to another.
> i'm trying to do the same under ubuntu 15.04 however it seems that 
> only few people did it.
> 1. why people under linux do not use portable webserver (e.g. on USB 
> drive) ?
> 2. how can i make apache 2.4.x portable, so to have all needed files 
> (apache, php, openssl, etc) on a USB drive and make it work as 
> standard web server?
> so in fact how to make apache looks after its configuration files and 
> librairies under its own directory where it will be stored ?

I suspect this may not be possible in a Linux environment because Linux 
doesn't use binaries.

In Windows, it is pretty easy to create executable binaries and put them 
on flash drive with all the necessary configuration files and voilĂ  it 
is done.  I have used in Windows by downloading the Apache binaries from and php binaries from http://windows.php.netand 
mysql binaries from and you are done.  With Linux, this can't 
be done as far as I can see because of the way how linux (ubuntu, Mint 
etc etc) works.  My experience of Linux is limited so I too would like 
to know if it is possible to launch an Apache server from usb drive.

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