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From Abby Normal <>
Subject [users@httpd] mpm-event, ServerLimit and ThreadsPerChild on multicore systems
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2015 20:45:43 GMT
Hello people,

I hope someone can help me with this simple question. I searched the net 
but could not find a proper answer.

Default event configuration is this:

MaxRequestWorkers 400 =ThreadsPerChild x ServerLimit
ServerLimit 16
ThreadsPerChild 25
ThreadLimit 64

So ie. I have a dedicated server with single cpu with 4 cores with 
hyperthreading and 32GB of ram. What is the best way to raise 
MaxRequestWorkers to 800? Should I go with raising ServerLimit to 32 so 
I can have 800 MaxRequestWorkers or should I rather raise 
ThreadsPerChild to 50?

I ask this simple question because I could not find the relation to cpu 
cores and threads of CPU. If ServerLimit is for child processes than I 
do not see the point raising it above 8 because I have one cpu with 4 
cores with hyperthreading... Is this related? If it is related than the 
final settup would be:

ServerLimit 8
ThreadsPerChild 100
ThreadLimit 101
MaxRequestWorkers 800

Can someone confirm or give an advice?

Thank you!


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