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From George Genovezos <George.Genove...@Copart.Com>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Re: throttling IP addresses
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2016 21:00:03 GMT

I would agree with you that a more elegant solution is required. Unfortunately the firewall
will only block or allow a particular port.

The correct solution would be to implement an IPS solution in front of a firewall, but where
in the do more with less phase.

George Genovezos
Application Security Architect


On 2/1/16, 2:27 PM, "Richard" <> wrote:

>> Date: Monday, February 01, 2016 19:52:51 +0000
>> From: George Genovezos <George.Genovezos@Copart.Com>
>> Hi,
>> I’m hoping someone can help with a problem I’m having. I need
>> a basic Ddos  mitigation tool. Basically, either throttling back
>> certain IP addresses or blocking access after too many connections
>> per second.
>> I know mod_evasive did this but the project, to my knowledge is
>> deprecated.
>> So to draw this out, I want a web server to count the number of
>> connection per seconds, and if an IP breaches this limit to either
>> throttle or block the connection. Then I want to use mod_proxy to
>> reverse proxy that clean connection to my web servers.
>> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
>> George Genovezos
>> Application Security Architect
>> Copart
>In my view, doing this at the web server is rather late in the game.
>If I'm reading the mod_evasive documentation correctly, all it (or
>something similar) does is stops serving content and returns 403s.
>If your content is resource expensive to deliver that will help
>some, but you're still going to get all the requests hitting the web
>server and you're still going to be responding to them.
>The better place to address this is at your system's firewall.
>Depending on your system, you likely have firewall tools that can
>provide a more robust solution.
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