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From Jacob Champion <>
Subject [users@httpd] Announcing mod_websocket v0.1.1
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 18:17:24 GMT
I'm happy to announce version 0.1.1 of mod_websocket:

This is a bugfix release that also adds major improvements to the build 
and test process.

mod_websocket is an Apache 2.x module that allows developers to write C-
and C++-based WebSocket services. The intent is for mod_websocket plugin
writers to develop their services independently of the Apache server API.

= Major New Features/Fixes =

- WebSocket connections are no longer closed prematurely by
   mod_reqtimeout. (Thanks to Eric Covener for his help with this fix!)
- The MaxMessageSize directive now correctly applies to full messages
   instead of individual frames.
- GNU Autoconf support has been added (and the included test suite is
   much easier to run).
- Several Autobahn|TestSuite issues have been fixed; the test suite now
   passes at 100%.

A full changelist can be seen at the release description on GitHub.

= Major Known Issues =

This is a pre-release, zero-dot module. There are known issues that may
preclude its use in production systems. Please understand them and take
steps to avoid them if you decide to deploy mod_websocket.

- Apache worker threads are completely monopolized by WebSocket
   connections. This makes it possible for a large number of connections
   to DoS the server.
- mod_websocket suffers from poor performance when receiving extremely
   fragmented messages (i.e. a large number of small frames). In an
   untrusted environment, this could also lead to a denial of service

A more complete (but not necessarily exhaustive) list is available at
the repo page on GitHub:

= Questions? Comments? =

If you have any feedback on the plugin API (or any other part of the
project), now is an excellent time to let me know. Follow or fork the
project on GitHub, file issues, open pull requests! And as always,
thanks for your interest.

--Jacob Champion

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