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From Bjoern Voigt <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache mod_dav alternatives?
Date Sat, 21 May 2016 21:08:29 GMT
I am using Apache as a web and proxy server, but I am unhappy with
Apache as a WebDAV file server.

I am missing a good file permission or ACL configuration in Apache mod_dav.

My wishlist:

  * "good/flexible" permission control (important)
  * stable and secure (important)
  * Apache >= 2.4 based or an Apache alternative (important)
  * permission control delegable to some users (nice to have)
  * compatibility with Samba and local users (nice to have)

The Apache path-based access control with directives like

        <Directory "/home/dav/user1">
                <LimitExcept PROPFIND OPTIONS>
                        require user user1

                <Limit PROPFIND OPTIONS>
                        require group allusers

is inflexible, even in small user groups.

Do you know good alternatives?
(Please do not suggest Apache < 2.4 alternatives. Some good projects
have stopped development and are incompatible with Apache 2.4. Apache
alternatives are welcome too.)


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