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From David Balažic <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] Forward web connections to different URLs to different ip/port's ?
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2016 17:18:58 GMT
Lax Clarke wrote:

> Is there a way we can forward different URLs in HTTP connections to different ip/port's?
> After the forward, I'd like the maintain the same URL in the browser.
> I want the forward to be a full handoff... that is, a different program is listening
for web connections on those ip/ports (different thread per each port).
> Any pointer to documentation or google search term would be useful.
> I'm having trouble narrowing down my search.  I've tried "VirtualHosts" and ProxyPass/ReverseProxyPass,
but it's not quite working (as the best I can get is that apache default web page loading).

Sounds like a use case for mod_proxy.

ProxyPass               /url1/    http://server1:8081/VS.web/
ProxyPassReverse        /url1/   http://server1:8081/VS.web/

ProxyPass               /url2/ http://server2:88/VS.web/
ProxyPassReverse        /url2/ http://server2:88/VS.web/

This will pass the  /url1/*  URLS to server1 port 8081  and URLS beigging with /url2/ to server2
port 88

Each HTTP connection would go to the apache server and then there be forwarded (proxyed) to
the server1 or server2.

David Balažic

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