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On 11 Feb 2017 4:48 p.m., "Markus Rathgeb" <> wrote:
I would like to realize an idea using the Apache HTTP Server project.
As I am a beginner at this topic, it would be great if you could give
me some help.

If my reading is correct it should be possible at all.

Short summary: It should be a reverse proxy that choose the redirect
target URL by the logged in user

* If a connection is made to the server (and the user is not logged
it), he needs to fill out a formular and give some informations
(identifier, username, password). I assume this could be realized by
"AuthType form", session, ... (perhaps database lookup using a CGI

* Dependend on the identifier (if logged in successfull) a host and
port should be chossen. I assume this could be realized by a simple
CGI script that (e.g. look into an database) and set host and port
session variables. That session variables should be visible (readable
/ writable) by the server only (mod_session_dbd?).

* If the user is logged in every request should be proxied to another
web server (proxy, redirect [P]) and the host and port information
should be used for.
e.g. http://${HOST}:${PORT}/<same-as-request>

* At least this should be work for WebSockets, too.

Do you think this is possible?
Can you help me with the configuration?

Best regards,

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