Since a few months we're using WebDAV (apache mod_dav) to serve files for one of our apps. Everything works alright but when combined with an older WebDAV client (needed for Office 2010 and older) we're running into some issues.

The company that made the client has looked into the problem and gives this as a possible cause for our issues:

You WebDAV server returns path without domain in href. For example <D:href>/GOLF/</D:href> instead of <D:href>http://server/GOLF/</D:href>. This may not work with some mini-redirector versions, especially with older Windows versions.
When we check the traffic with Fiddler it seems mod_dav is indeed returning relative paths instead of the full path. I've searched the documentation for an option that might force the use of full paths but couldn't find one. Does anybody have an idea if such an option exists or how I'd be able to force this behavior?

We're running on RHEL6 (apache 2.2.15), using mod_dav. Specific webdav config file:

Listen 44595

<VirtualHost *:44595>
        DocumentRoot /shares/webdav

        <IfModule mod_dav.c>
                LimitXMLRequestBody 131072

                <Directory /shares/webdav/>
                        Order Allow,Deny
                        Allow from all

                        Dav On
                        Options -Indexes
                        AllowOverride None
                        AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Kind regards,

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