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From "Arthur E. Johnston" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] Unstable PHP under Apache
Date Mon, 01 May 2017 04:57:36 GMT
What operating system?

Arthur Johnston
Meadowbrook Kennels

-----Original Message-----
From: John Iliffe [] 
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2017 11:56 AM
Subject: [users@httpd] Unstable PHP under Apache

I have a new Apache 2.4.25 installation that I have been trying to get 
running properly for a few months now.   After many attempts to run PHP 
using php-fpm, I finally reverted to mod-fcgid and I still can't get
everything to run properly.

Calling a PHP script, when the php.ini  file is syntactically correct, leads
to a "No Input File Specified" error.  Note that this DOES NOT lead to a 404
error from Apache; leading me to the conclusion that the problem is in
mod_fcgid and its configuration somewhere.

As I understand it, mod_fcgid **should** start several children to run php

Here is what I have:

1.  start Apache so I have a clean copy
	systemctl start httpd

2.  check it is running:
	ps -ef | grep httpd
root     29599     1  0 14:00 ?        00:00:00 
/usr/apache-2.4.25/bin/httpd -k start

apache   29600 29599  0 14:00 ?        00:00:00 
/usr/apache-2.4.25/bin/httpd -k start

apache   29601 29599  0 14:00 ?        00:00:00 
/usr/apache-2.4.25/bin/httpd -k start

apache   29602 29599  0 14:00 ?        00:00:00 
/usr/apache-2.4.25/bin/httpd -k start

apache   29603 29599  0 14:00 ?        00:00:00 
/usr/apache-2.4.25/bin/httpd -k start

3.  check for php child processes:
 ps -ef | grep php

So, at this point, there are 4 httpd workers runnning and no php children
are running  

4.  try a call to a php script (phpinfo.php)

ps -ef | grep php
apache   29789 29600  0 14:02 ?        00:00:00 /usr/php-7.1.3/bin/php-cgi

Now Apache has started php-cgi, the parent process is one of the workers The
response to the browser is "No input file specified"

There are no errors shown in the Apache error log, nor in the php.log, nor
in the php-fpm.log.  

The relevant parts of the Apache config file are:

LoadModule fcgid_module modules/

# Add mod_fcgid changes
<IfModule fcgid_module>
<Directory "/httpd/*">
	Options +ExecCGI
        AddHandler fcgid-script .php
        FcgidWrapper /usr/apache-2.4.25/bin/php-wrapper .php </Directory>

LoadModule php7_module        modules/ 


The related parts of the php.ini file are:

; The root of the PHP pages, used only if nonempty.
; if PHP was not compiled with FORCE_REDIRECT, you SHOULD set doc_root ; if
you are running php as a CGI under any web server (other than IIS) ; see
documentation for security issues.  The alternate is to use the ;
cgi.force_redirect configuration below ; doc_root =

The rest of php.ini is the distributed file, except that the log files are
pointed to /var/log/php/  so they should be written properly.

A week or so back I had a workaround for this but it isn't acceptable as a
production system (for one thing, it blows all the PHP errors out on the
user's browser screen) and another week's work hasn't resolved the issue.  
Both php-fcgid and php-fpm are so common that I am convinced that I have a
configuration problem but even starting back with a new PHP and Apache
install doesn't resolve it.

Can anyone suggest where I should look next?  

[FYI, in the past I have routinely brought up new server hardware/new web
server combinations in about 3 weeks work.  This one is approaching 4 months
and not improving my self-esteem!]


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