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From "Ramsey, Robert L" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] Browser differences
Date Wed, 03 May 2017 12:55:36 GMT
This is just my non-apache two cents.  Chrome does a number of things that are . . . interesting,
let’s say.

Just from my own experience, some things to look for which you probably thought of already,
and aren’t apache specific:

-          Is your js loaded after all of the libraries?  Are you sure?  I had a similar problem
and I had all of my js references at the bottom of the body as you should, with jquery loaded
first, 3-5 other libraries in-between, then my js.  I moved just jquery and bootstrap to the
head and loaded my js file from the bottom of the body.  Then the error I had about jquery
not being loaded went away.  Like yours, it worked in FF but not Chrome.

-          Is your js file one huge file or many little ones?  It sounds like one big file.
 Maybe break it up to see if loading many smaller files works for this client.  One place
I worked actually had a css file that was too big for some clients, so splitting it up and
loading it in the right order fixed problems.

-          Is this straight js or are you transpiling jsx/tsx files?  Check the config for
the transpiler to see if it is doing anything weird.  Maybe strip comments out if you really
need one big file.

You’ve probably already looked at those, but sometimes it helps to have another person chime
in.  A js/chrome list might be more appropriate too.

You are lucky that you are working with one client.  I’m doing a small project that needs
to be compatible back to IE9, has unsophisticated users, and has users with accessibility
requirements beyond straight wcag 2.1 AA.  Luckily the user base is < 100,000.


From: [] On Behalf Of Robert Inder
Sent: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 4:34 AM
Subject: [users@httpd] Browser differences

We have developed a complex javascript application
There are "a few megabytes" of our own code, plus OpenLayers map handling and jQuery.

We're serving it through Apache 2.2.15-59, which arrived on CentOS 6.9 in mid April.
And everything works well and reliably for us.

But for the last couple of weeks, our client has been experiencing problems starting the application.
The Javascript console reports that some Javascript files are not loading because "Connection
Timed Out" on one of the JS files.
Apache is not logging any errors.

The obvious explanation would be in terms of network connection between him and the hosting
But his connection is actually faster than ours
AND he only has problems when he uses Google Chrome: Firefox is fine.

So I'm struggling to think what this can be.  Any suggestions?

Our client started having problems at ABOUT the time that yum installed 2.2.15-59.
Has something changed?


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