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From "Jens Schleusener" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: How to customize error responses (while using mod_rewrite)?
Date Mon, 15 May 2017 18:13:35 GMT
On Mon, 15 May 2017, Eric Covener wrote:

> On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 12:32 PM, Jens Schleusener
> <> wrote:
>> Ok, in that case one could use the ErrorDocument directive (it works for me
>> principally) but how can one can achieve that that directive is not used
>> globally but only specific for the above case?
>> The idea to set in the above RewriteRule additionally an environment
>> variable for e.g. via a "E=tlsv10:1" flag and using
>>   <If "env('tlsv10') -eq 1">
>>     ErrorDocument 412 /https_tlsv10.html
>>   </If>
>> seems not to work, the Apache httpd outputs the "412" standard error
>> message.
> Re: the If misfiring, its because <if is evaluated shortly before
> RewriteRule. You can check SSL envvars directly, or use setenvif
> instead of RewiteRule to set the envvar.

Thanks for the hint, I will try it.

> But Is it much better than a redirect or rewrite to some document that
> describes the problem but has a 200 status code?

That is a great question that I cannot answer it (you had tried it 

It becomes a little bit off-topic but an answer to this question would 
very important to me since I provide an FOSS offering server with more or 
less frequently changing releases so that the server tries to redirect 
normally failing accesses to URLs according to no longer available 
releases to "guessed" URLs of the corresponding current release. If the 
server does that transparently responding with a 200 status code a human 
client may get not really the resource he has requested although he may 
have the impression and additionally search engines may index resources 
that are not 100% related to the accessed URLs. Also a status code 301 
would be in this sense wrong since it implies the same problem.

So currently the server answers with a 404 ("Not Found") but with an 
informative error page containing links to the new resources. Probably 
appropriate for human users but bad for search engines that get a lot of 
error responses (probably not regarding the contents of the error page).

I would be happy about a status code like 310 (a merge of 301 and 410) 
saying "Resource is no longer available but here is its successor" ;-)



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