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From Rashmi Srinivasan <>
Subject [users@httpd] SSLSessioncache Timeout extension
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2017 02:25:58 GMT
Hi Yann/Eric,
    Is it possible to change the timeout value of the session cache
(SSLSessionCacheTimeout) to:
       now(current time)  + timeout., every time a new request is submitted
or a new refresh happens.
       This will be an additional option which can be externally enabled in
the conf file by users, if needed to extend the timeout.

  I am trying to implement it in the below way in socache_shmcb.c in the
function shmcb_subcache_retrieve

   -      Get the decoded session cache as in apache 2.2
   -      Set the time for the session using SSLsession_set_time
   -      Add the time out value to  now
   -      Set this as the time for idx->expires to newer now value

This works very well with apache 2.2 anb every time the session is reused
until expiry time becomes(now + 60).
However apache 2.4 doesn't seem to work well with these changes.

Please can you suggest if this can be made to work and if you have any
pointers please?


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