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From Eric Covener <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Strrange behavior of VirtualHosts in Apache (Apache 2.2.15 - CentOS6)
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2017 13:32:24 GMT
Since you said 2.2, I assume you also have NameVirtualHost

>  <-- works
> <-- doesn't work
> <-- gives the HTTP_HOST (PHP-script),
>                                       but why?

HTTP_HOST is just the clients Host: header so this is not too unusual.

> doesn't work does mean, that access/errors are logged in a logfile of a
> wrong virtual host ...

Which one specifically?  Perhaps you made an error while redacting the config.

> is it problematic, if some virtual hosts have different IPv6 addresses but
> the same IPv4 address?

Not in this configuration.  Your vhosts only point to a single IP4
local address.

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