Hello Nizar,

You need to provide much more info on your current setup so we can provide any meaningful advice. Which SSL verification? What configuration? 

Regarding httpd what's needed in config, the basic thing to have "SSLVerifyClient require" and a list of accepted CA's but that could be overriden in config, that's why you need to show your actual setup or more relevant info.
As an added note, if you have real concerns regarding security one of the best things to do is probably to consider upgrading your openssl version which seems ancient.

2018-02-08 7:16 GMT+01:00 Belmona, Nizar <nbelmona@cscgroup.com>:

Dear users,

We are currently using Apache 2.2.22 (mod_ssl 2.2.22, OpenSSL/0.9.8t) and we have a security concern since developers are able to bypass the SSL certificate verification when using HTTPS calls. Kindly advise what configuration is needed to enforce the certificate verification? In other words should anyone tries to bypass this verification, the call fails returning some kind of error code.

Please note that our environment is a simple one; it consists of one web server with no proxies.


Your help is greatly appreciated.



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