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Subject Re: [users@httpd] mod_ratelimit working by steps ?
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2018 19:15:42 GMT

> I created a 4MB file and rate limited its directory container in the
> httpd's conf, and tested 8/20/30/etc.. settings as you suggested with
> curl:
> curl http://localhost/test.txt > /dev/null (in this way I drop the
> returned response but keep the curl's connection metadata summary).
> In every case I get the expected result (average Dload speed).

Thanks a bunch for testing this, and confirming that something is wrong 
on my side.
After more test, I'm pretty sure the problem come from a bad interaction 
between mod_ratelimit and mod_proxy.
(sorry, I forgot to mention that the path I was trying to rate-limit is 
indeed a tomcat app behind mod_proxy).

> Did you execute your performance tests in localhost? And also, did you
> use another tool other than Firefox? I'd be curious to know your
> results with curl executed in localhost.

I've tried the following (Excerpts from my config at the end of this 

0) rate-limit on tomcat app proxified throught mod_proxy (previous mail)
    => rate-limit works by step, and does not limit anything if 
rate-limit > 40
    (tried on local with wget)
1) rate-limit on a true folder, served by apache :
    => rate-limit is working as expected
2) rate-limit on file served through python's SimpleHttpServer, 
proxified by mod_proxy
    => rate-limit works by step.

In conclusion, tomcat is not at fault, since python's SimpleHttpServer 
also have a problem, and the trouble come from my reverse-proxy.
In the case af a reverse proxy, I'm not sure which part of the 
connection get rate-limited ?
Is that an known problem ?
Or am I trying to do something totally bogus here ?
Any ideas to achieve my goal ? (that is, limiting the bandwith used by 
the tomcat app)



PS : for what it's worth, I've tried 1) with curl, and got the following 
error, wich seems to be related to the use of http2:
curl: (56) Unexpected EOF
wget is fine, though.

PS2 : Excerpts from my config
     <Proxy *>
         Order deny,allow
         Allow from all
     SSLProxyEngine      On
     SSLProxyCheckPeerCN Off
     SSLProxyCheckPeerName Off
     <Location /airsonic> # the tomcat app
         ProxyPreserveHost   On
         SetOutputFilter RATE_LIMIT
         SetEnv rate-limit 35
     <Location /test> # a true folder, served by apache
         SetOutputFilter RATE_LIMIT
         SetEnv rate-limit 50
     <Location /test2> # a python SimpleHttpServer
         ProxyPreserveHost   On
         SetOutputFilter RATE_LIMIT

> Thanks!
> Luca
> Links:
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> [1]

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