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From "" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] download
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2018 22:10:27 GMT
Hi, tnx,
well I have done both a fedora and a MS W-XP installation before, but now im (unfortunately)
on a W10, which is the target.

Its only a bread-n-butter variant, will run some PHP with an ODBC coupling to a MIMER-SQL
engine. (actually lifting development of my web to newer machine & sw)

¨But when looking at the I got the impression that there were a myrriad of variants
to choose from.....
I just really want one single self-installing image (possibly with some checking like pgp)

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>Datum : 2018-07-11 - 23:43 (V)
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>Ämne : Re: [users@httpd] download
>> Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 23:33:32 +0200
>> From:
>> Hi Im an oldie, who once installed an Apache server, now I was on
>> to make a new installation BUT OHHHH, things have become so
>> complexity, so inflated, I can make no sense of what to download,
>> or from where........
>That, of course, depends on the operating system in question. If you
>are using a *nix type system I would suggest you start by using its
>package management application to download and install things. That
>will/should resolve dependencies and the like and make everything
>much easier.
>As the versions available from the repos aren't always the most
>bleeding edge, if you find that you need capabilities that are only
>found in newer releases you can then proceed on and get the
>binaries/source directly - but you're more on your own in terms of
>making all the parts work.
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