You can definitely try it on Windows 10, it shouldn't be worse than XP.
The major difference since the last time you installed might be that there are no longer Windows binaries on the httpd website. [1]
I recommend the builds from ApacheLounge:

If you haven't downloaded PHP for Windows in a while, that has also moved:
If you are using the ApacheLounge build with mod_php, you should download the Thread-Safe version of PHP.

[1] Statement on binary downloads for Windows:

- Y

On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 4:44 AM <> wrote:
Ok, tnx, could have thought there would be some issues,
so is there a diff from XP in the way http is handled ? 
I think it might be time to shove MS alltogether an take the trouble to learn back to an ix system ...

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>> but now im (unfortunately) on a W10, which is the target.
>In that case, please also note that W10 is not a server system and is
>therefore artifically limited in the number of incomming connections it
>can handle. Because of this I would strongly encourage using a Windows
>Server system instead, even if running Apache httpd.

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