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From angel Hall-Coulston <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] DocumentRoot doesn't exist (but it's giving the wrong name)
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2018 09:36:05 GMT
	yes it’s a default just set as an example in your vhosts.conf file but if it’s either
not changed (to real default domain) or the virtual host module ‘include’ line is not
commented out in httpd.conf, then apache tries to look for it and throws up a severe error
and won’t run. If you are not yet running Virtual Hosts, then it’s safe to comment out
the ‘include’ line in httpd.conf.
	I’m sorry I didn’t see your other post, perhaps you could send me that post again directly
and I will try and help. No, I don’t think you asked a stupid question, it’s only folk
that DON’T ask questions that remain stupid 😊.
Also noticed this: (see below).

Angel aka Rammsteinium.

> On 8 Sep 2018, at 02:01, Osman Zakir <> wrote:
> So it's in the vhosts.conf file?  
> By the way, I sent another email earlier that hasn't had a reply yet -- did I ask a stupid
or maybe a too-simple question and that's why no one's replied yet?  I don't mean to whine,
I'm just asking.  

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