If running from svn, run ./buildconf first

On Wed, Dec 26, 2018, 12:38 PM John Pyeatt <john.pyeatt@singlewire.com> wrote:
I ran into a problem with being unable to modify the WWW-Authentication header as documented here

In the description it says code is working correctly in the trunk and I suppose httpd-2.4.x branches.

So I checked these out from svn with the hopes of trying these branches out myself to see if a fix was forthcoming in a near-future release of httpd.

But looking through the checked out code there doesn't appear to be a 'configure' script I would normally run to build the Makefile for either trunk or 2.4.x branches.

Can anyone enlighten me what steps I need to perform to get the 'configure' script and its supporting scripts? Could I just copy these scripts from a released branch?

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