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From "Schettler, Marty L." <>
Subject [users@httpd] Crash in mod_ssl after 2.4.29
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2019 18:12:34 GMT
Hello -

I have a simple ssl reverse proxy set up that has been working for years up through 2.4.29.
When upgrading to 2.4.38, it now crashes periodically. It is repeatable, but inconsistent.

It experiences a segmentation fault at ssl_engine_kernel.c at line 1727:

It is in the function

on the line:
int crl_check_mode = mctx->crl_check_mask & ~ SSL_CRLCHECK_MASK;

Gdb indicates that mctx (declared on the previous line) is incorrectly constructed, and so
trying to access the field crl_check_mask results in trying to access unavailable memory.

It seems to me like this is a regression after 2.4.29. I experience the same behavior in both
2.4.35 and 2.4.38, but not in 2.4.29.

Does anyone now how to fix this issue? Or if there is a workaround?


Marty Schettler

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