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From Osman Zakir <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Port Forwarding Help?
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2019 15:00:35 GMT
I can't use port 80 or 433 for my external port because the router's using those ports.  8080
and 8443 are also being blocked by ISP.  So I had to use 5501 and forward that.  I'll take
away the forwarding rule for port 5501 if I can get the reverse proxy to work, though.

That being said, just now I tried to visit after setting up port
forwarding for port 8000, since I'm using that port for the VirtualHost setting in the httpd.conf
file.  The file is attached to this message.

Do I also need to set up port forwarding for the port that Apache is listening on?  Because
right now I can't get to my app in the browser through port 8000.  On Chrome, I get this error:
ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.  I asked on a Discord group I go to as well and one of the members
there just told me that I only need to forward the port that Apache is listening on.  Is this
correct?  Because if so, I'll need to choose a different port because I'm having it listen
on port 8080 which is being blocked by the ISP.

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