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From "Milt Spain" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache 2.2 Reinstall After a Crash Not Working With Perl and MyQL
Date Sun, 03 Feb 2019 00:31:37 GMT
I’ve had Apache 2.2 running on Windows Server2012 for several years. The 
host hardware is a dedicated server. The Apache  server suddenly crashed and 
would not restart. Not being able to determine why, I reinstalled the 
software and it now can be stopped and started.   Apache was previously 
hosting several websites (using the Vhost include)and a MySQL database 
was/is on the Windows server. CGI programs are PERL and all worked prior to 
the Apache reinstall. Now I have at least three problems that I think are 
due to errors in the httpd config.

1) The only CGI programs that work are those that call static webpages.
2) Programs that previously connected to the MySQL database do not connect.
2) Programs that look for the htaccess authority file do not find it.

Hence I think the errors are in the httpd config file. Or, since the hard 
drive is partitioned C,D,E and Apache is on C and website files are on E, is 
it possible that the partitions have somehow become corrupted. Everything 
except the httpd config file is exactly as it was previously. Where are the 
most likely places for config errors causing the current difficulties? 

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