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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] [patch] Apache converts GZIPed data into UTF-8 - 2nd Act
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2019 16:21:27 GMT

> On 15 Apr 2019, at 14:44, Peter <> wrote:
> Oh, nobody has an answer to the issue?

Well I might have done, but I was out rehearsing and performing Bach,
not reading your email!

> Okay...
> Investigating, it appears that mod_xml2enc indeed grabs everything it
> can lay hands on, if only it is tagged as some 'text/whatver', and
> "converts" it (assuming it were ISO8859-1), no matter the damage, and
> giving a f*** damn on compressed data. :((


Well, you've identified an issue, albeit in rather colourful language!
mod_proxy_html knows to remove itself from the chain when it sees non-HTML,
but mod_xml2enc doesn't.

Probably my fault.

> [xml2enc:debug] [pid 52505] mod_xml2enc.c(176): [client] AH01430:
Content-Type is text/css

At which point, you want the same reaction from xml2enc as from proxy_html.
i.e. remove itself and leave your contents untouched.

> [xml2enc:debug] [pid 52505] mod_xml2enc.c(250): [client] AH01434:
Charset ISO-8859-1 not supported by libxml2; trying apr_xlate

That looks to me like a problem with your libxml2.
But that's outside the scope of this discussion.

> Then, depending on which filters are configured, this may or may not
> happen. It may even be runtime dependent. I tried to put proxy_html
> into a filter chain to get a more defined behaviour, but this is not
> possible, it produces a configuration error with FilterProvider, 

Did you misspell it?  It's proxy-html (hyphen, not underscore).

> Finally I decided to fix the code, as good as I can. (As stated before, 
> I have absolutely no idea about this stuff and it's conventions, I just
> need to make the thing workable.)

Hmm.  Your fix does the job for you, but shouldn't be necessary.

I'm thinking, mod_proxy_html does the right thing removing itself.
mod_xml2enc should do the same when inserted by mod_proxy_html.
That should be straightforward to fix.  I'll take a look later today.

Thanks for the detailed analysis!

Nick Kew
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