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From Good Guy <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: Page display on default html page
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2019 02:22:53 GMT
On 18/11/2019 19:27, Jos Chrispijn wrote:
> I have created a default html site that is displayed when visitors 
> typed in a domain that I own, but for which I haven't yet created a 
> website for.
> As this default site has a domain name that is not the name that a 
> visitor typed in, I would like to disply that domain name on its index 
> page like
> 'You requested'
> 'but unfortunately it doesn't have a site page yet'
> Can someone tell me how I can do something like this without java script?
> Thanks!
> Jos

Why don't you just create a simple page for that domain and host it free 
of charge on netlify, github-pages,, Azure or AWS 
and point your dns to that page.  This will solve your problem and when 
you are ready to host your own webserver then you can repoint to your 
own webserver.

Did you know you can rent the server on Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure 
or AWS for few pennies per month.  They look after the server and you 
look after the management side of it.  IOW you control the server but 
hardware is provided by them.

Before anybody asks further, yes you can run Apache/Linux/MySQL on 
Microsoft or Google or AWS.  People should try it for free as they allow 
sandbox for trials and for learning purposes.

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