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From Niranjan Rao <>
Subject [users@httpd] Recommended best practices or guides
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2020 14:33:37 GMT

On Ubuntu 18.04, Apache version 2.4.29, all packages installed from 
standard repositories and no customization.

We have a need to allow certain group of people to perform operations 
such as start/stop/reload etc. Traditionally these operations are 
performed using sudo command e.g. sudo service apache2 start. These 
people don't need full sudo permissions. All they need is apache related 
permissions. We can tinker with an entry in sudoers.d and grant required 
permissions - but permissions need to be granted to "service" command

Root problem I am trying to solve is dynamically managing instance from 
Amazon ec2 and adding/removing it from traffic. Right now we have a list 
of balancer members and this list needs to managed. This is QA related 
activity where we start/stop instance as per need using bunch of 
scripts. Since IP address keeps changing, we have to manage balancer 
configuration. We have not yet got around automating balancer manager 
operations and looking for easier way out.

Are there any recommended best practices or guides to allow these kinds 
of granular permissions? My searches so far has revealed commands using 



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