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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Httpd Wiki] Update of "ClientDeniedByServerConfiguration" by VinkoVrsalovic
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2008 22:44:32 GMT
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The following page has been changed by VinkoVrsalovic:

The comment on the change is:
Add proxy things

  ## page was renamed from Errors/ClientDeniedByServerConfiguration
  = Client denied by server configuration =
  This error means that the access to the directory on the hard disk was denied by an Apache
configuration. It could be that access was denied due to an explicit [
deny] directive or due to an attempt to access a folder that is outside of the DocumentRoot.
+ It can also happen when you are proxying and there's no access configured for the proxied
  These are some reasons for this entry to be recorded in your !ErrorLog:
@@ -10, +11 @@

   * If you change the !DocumentRoot, you will need to change the <Directory> block
referring the old root, to the refer to the new root
   * You need a <Directory> block for every folder outside of your !DocumentRoot, i.e.
your cgi-bin folder.
   * You need a <Directory> or <Location> block for every Alias.
+  * You need a <Location> or <Proxy> block for your proxy
  To fix this problem, look at the line in your !ErrorLog, to find out which folder it is
trying to access.   [[BR]] If a <Directory> block already exists for that folder, make
sure it is set to allow access as necessary. If not, add a <Directory> block to your
Apache configuration file, allowing access as required.  See the example below for folder
@@ -21, +23 @@

  This directory block will allow Apache to serve files from this location, in response to
an incoming request. This assumes either you have an Alias set up somewhere for serving content
from this directory or, less likely, that your !DocumentRoot is /usr/local or /usr/local/awstats.
+ {{{
+ ProxyPass /foo
+ ProxyPassReverse /foo
+ <Location /foo>
+   Order allow,deny
+   Allow from all
+ </Location>
+ }}}
+ This Location block will allow Apache to proxy content for /foo.

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