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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Httpd Wiki] Update of "my work" by bagssz123
Date Sat, 20 Jun 2009 01:22:47 GMT
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New page:
Apart from the loaded backpack what can do with the [ handbags]

Some people might look at this topic a bit dizzy, but the role of outdoor equipment which
is often more a matter of, as long as we carefully discovery more fully will be able to use
their own equipment to solve more problems.  For example, today we talked about the role of
the backpack, that is, other than equipment installed in addition to a number of purposes,
I would also like to sum up a few more friends were added to give! 
 1, the neck support ---- about this, is the discovery of an accident.  Ct buy backpacks friends
when I inadvertently belt upside down, then around her neck to play, But who would have thought
hard to find a hoop to play good neck support and immobilization.  And a big belt buckle fastens
behind the neck can Afterburner! 
 We all day long in the stones and climbed up and down in the bushes, it is inevi table slide.
 However, if there is no cervical problems fixed in time, may be brought about by "high paraplegia,"
"vegetable," and so on price.  Therefore, if the event of a problem, please make the best
use of your backpack belt.  Ct is not just the belt pack.  As long as we can separate or removed
one critical moment can be met directly from the backpack down on the use of shear.  With
a backpack for a life I do not think anyone but to the account balance. 
 2, splint --- this time to fracture fixation, is also part of emergency treatment.  Only
applies to the use of cr or backpack carrying system ospery, ct, etc. There are two aluminum
alloy support behind the backpack, and now 80% of the backpack on the market are similar.
 Method to the two rear alloy backpack support check be forced out into a straight, followed
by the side of the hardship of the use of backpack or bag ties for hanging tents can be a
wide nylon belt.  Of course, this is you do not have a bandage or other alternatives to circumstances,
as the backpack's straps are fixed in general you will need to cut.  After the aluminum alloy
with two fixed supporting bar injury, will be fixed with ribbon. 
 When the accident do not panic, try to analyze what is lost, and only think about what you
have, and then optimize the mix is easy to resolve the crisis.  The survival of people is
a very powerful force, as long as you have confidence, I recommend a film to "touch the void"
in the translation of "hit the peak" and "frozen 168 hours" 
 3, tourniquet to stop bleeding ---- In fact, this thing is as long as the rope do not have
any problem but I am talking about here is a better solution.  When outdoors you may be bleeding
when first thought is that immediately after the solution with a rope shoelaces.  Realize
that there are two rope backpack above can be used on completely and will not allow you to
pay almost any price for a comfortable, that is, the upper part of the backpack has two string,
one is used to seal is to prevent things from small backpack swap out.  Another bag to solve
the tension condition of the mouth and the combination of the first package designed, which
take two ropes personally think that the first root more reasonable.  Because when you head
fixed  tight package, the basic package is the first state in the package will not be out
of things to come.

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