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From jgbut...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r833755 - in /ibatis/java/ibator/trunk/core/ibator-core/src/main: java/org/apache/ibatis/ibator/config/xml/ java/org/apache/ibatis/ibator/internal/util/messages/ resources/org/ resources/org/apache/ resources/org/apache/ibatis/ resources/or...
Date Sat, 07 Nov 2009 20:29:56 GMT
Author: jgbutler
Date: Sat Nov  7 20:29:55 2009
New Revision: 833755

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=833755&view=rev
[ibator] switch build to maven


Added: ibatis/java/ibator/trunk/core/ibator-core/src/main/resources/org/apache/ibatis/ibator/config/xml/ibator-config_1_0.dtd
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/ibatis/java/ibator/trunk/core/ibator-core/src/main/resources/org/apache/ibatis/ibator/config/xml/ibator-config_1_0.dtd?rev=833755&view=auto
--- ibatis/java/ibator/trunk/core/ibator-core/src/main/resources/org/apache/ibatis/ibator/config/xml/ibator-config_1_0.dtd
+++ ibatis/java/ibator/trunk/core/ibator-core/src/main/resources/org/apache/ibatis/ibator/config/xml/ibator-config_1_0.dtd
Sat Nov  7 20:29:55 2009
@@ -0,0 +1,215 @@
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+   Copyright 2008 The Apache Software Foundation
+   Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
+   you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
+   You may obtain a copy of the License at
+       http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
+   Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+   distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+   WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
+   See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
+   limitations under the License.
+  This DTD defines the structure of the ibator configuration file.
+  iBATOR configuration files should declare the DOCTYPE as follows:
+  <!DOCTYPE ibatorConfiguration PUBLIC
+    "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Apache iBATIS ibator Configuration 1.0//EN"
+    "http://ibatis.apache.org/dtd/ibator-config_1_0.dtd">
+  Please see the documentation included with ibator for details on each option
+  in the DTD.  You may also view documentation on-line here:
+  http://ibatis.apache.org/docs/tools/ibator
+  The ibatorConfiguration element is the root element for ibator configurations.
+<!ELEMENT ibatorConfiguration (properties?, classPathEntry*, ibatorContext+)>
+  The properties element is used to define a standard Java properties file
+  that contains placeholders for use in the remainder of the configuration
+  file.
+<!ELEMENT properties EMPTY>
+<!ATTLIST properties
+  resource CDATA #IMPLIED
+  The ibatorContext element is used to describe a context for generating files, and the source
+  tables.
+<!ELEMENT ibatorContext (property*, ibatorPlugin*, commentGenerator?, jdbcConnection,
+                         javaModelGenerator, sqlMapGenerator, daoGenerator?, table+)>
+<!ATTLIST ibatorContext id ID #REQUIRED
+  defaultModelType CDATA #IMPLIED
+  targetRuntime CDATA #IMPLIED
+  introspectedColumnImpl CDATA #IMPLIED>
+  The jdbcConnection element is used to describe the JDBC connection that ibator
+  will use to introspect the database.
+<!ELEMENT jdbcConnection (property*)>
+<!ATTLIST jdbcConnection 
+  driverClass CDATA #REQUIRED
+  connectionURL CDATA #REQUIRED
+  password CDATA #IMPLIED>
+  The classPathEntry element is used to add the JDBC driver to the run-time classpath.
+  Repeat this element as often as needed to add elements to the classpath.
+<!ELEMENT classPathEntry EMPTY>
+<!ATTLIST classPathEntry
+  location CDATA #REQUIRED>
+  The property element is used to add custom properties to many of ibator's
+  configuration elements.  See each element for example properties.
+  Repeat this element as often as needed to add as many properties as necessary
+  to the configuration element.
+<!ELEMENT property EMPTY>
+<!ATTLIST property
+  The ibatorPlugin element is used to define an ibator plugin.
+<!ELEMENT ibatorPlugin (property*)>
+<!ATTLIST ibatorPlugin
+  The javaModelGenerator element is used to define properties of the Java Model Generator.
+  The Java Model Generator builds primary key classes, record classes, and Query by Example

+  indicator classes.
+<!ELEMENT javaModelGenerator (property*)>
+<!ATTLIST javaModelGenerator
+  targetPackage CDATA #REQUIRED
+  targetProject CDATA #REQUIRED>
+  The javaTypeResolver element is used to define properties of the Java Type Resolver.
+  The Java Type Resolver is used to calculate Java types from database column information.
+  The default Java Type Resolver attempts to make JDBC DECIMAL and NUMERIC types easier
+  to use by substituting Integral types if possible (Long, Integer, Short, etc.)
+<!ELEMENT javaTypeResolver (property*)>
+<!ATTLIST javaTypeResolver
+  The sqlMapGenerator element is used to define properties of the SQL Map Generator.
+  The SQL Map Generator builds an XML file for each table that conforms to iBATIS'
+  SqlMap DTD.
+<!ELEMENT sqlMapGenerator (property*)>
+<!ATTLIST sqlMapGenerator
+  targetPackage CDATA #REQUIRED
+  targetProject CDATA #REQUIRED>
+  The daoGenerator element is used to define properties of the DAO Generator.
+  The DAO Generator builds DAO an interface and implementation class for each table.
+  If this element is missing, then ibator will not build DAO classes.
+<!ELEMENT daoGenerator (property*)>
+<!ATTLIST daoGenerator
+  targetPackage CDATA #REQUIRED
+  targetProject CDATA #REQUIRED
+  implementationPackage CDATA #IMPLIED>
+  The table element is used to specify a database table that will be the source information
+  for a set of generated objects.
+<!ELEMENT table (property*, generatedKey?, columnRenamingRule?, (columnOverride | ignoreColumn)*)
+<!ATTLIST table
+  catalog CDATA #IMPLIED
+  schema CDATA #IMPLIED
+  tableName CDATA #REQUIRED
+  domainObjectName CDATA #IMPLIED
+  enableInsert CDATA #IMPLIED
+  enableSelectByPrimaryKey CDATA #IMPLIED
+  enableSelectByExample CDATA #IMPLIED
+  enableUpdateByPrimaryKey CDATA #IMPLIED
+  enableDeleteByPrimaryKey CDATA #IMPLIED
+  enableDeleteByExample CDATA #IMPLIED
+  enableCountByExample CDATA #IMPLIED
+  enableUpdateByExample CDATA #IMPLIED
+  selectByPrimaryKeyQueryId CDATA #IMPLIED
+  selectByExampleQueryId CDATA #IMPLIED
+  modelType CDATA #IMPLIED
+  escapeWildcards CDATA #IMPLIED
+  delimitIdentifiers CDATA #IMPLIED
+  delimitAllColumns CDATA #IMPLIED>
+  The columnOverride element is used to change certain attributes of the column
+  from their default values.
+<!ELEMENT columnOverride (property*)>
+<!ATTLIST columnOverride
+  property CDATA #IMPLIED
+  javaType CDATA #IMPLIED
+  jdbcType CDATA #IMPLIED
+  typeHandler CDATA #IMPLIED
+  delimitedColumnName CDATA #IMPLIED>
+  The ignoreColumn element is used to identify a column that should be ignored.
+  No generated SQL will refer to the column, and no property will be generated
+  for the column in the model objects.
+<!ELEMENT ignoreColumn EMPTY>
+<!ATTLIST ignoreColumn
+  delimitedColumnName CDATA #IMPLIED>
+  The generatedKey element is used to identify a column in the table whose value
+  is calculated - either from a sequence (or some other query), or as an identity column.
+<!ELEMENT generatedKey EMPTY>
+<!ATTLIST generatedKey
+  sqlStatement CDATA #REQUIRED
+  identity CDATA #IMPLIED
+  The columnRenamingRule element is used to specify a rule for renaming
+  columns before the corresponding property name is calculated
+<!ELEMENT columnRenamingRule EMPTY>
+<!ATTLIST columnRenamingRule
+  searchString CDATA #REQUIRED
+  replaceString CDATA #IMPLIED>
+  The commentGenerator element is used to define properties of the Comment Generator.
+  The Comment Generator adds comments to generated elements.
+<!ELEMENT commentGenerator (property*)>
+<!ATTLIST commentGenerator
\ No newline at end of file

Added: ibatis/java/ibator/trunk/core/ibator-core/src/main/resources/org/apache/ibatis/ibator/internal/util/messages/messages.properties
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/ibatis/java/ibator/trunk/core/ibator-core/src/main/resources/org/apache/ibatis/ibator/internal/util/messages/messages.properties?rev=833755&view=auto
--- ibatis/java/ibator/trunk/core/ibator-core/src/main/resources/org/apache/ibatis/ibator/internal/util/messages/messages.properties
+++ ibatis/java/ibator/trunk/core/ibator-core/src/main/resources/org/apache/ibatis/ibator/internal/util/messages/messages.properties
Sat Nov  7 20:29:55 2009
@@ -0,0 +1,124 @@
+ValidationError.0=JavaModelGenerator Target Project is Required for context {0}
+ValidationError.1=SQLMapGenerator Target Project is Required for context {0}
+ValidationError.2=DAOGenerator Target Project is Required for context {0}
+ValidationError.3=No Tables Specified for context {0}
+ValidationError.4=JDBC Driver Class Must Be Specified
+ValidationError.5=JDBC Connection URL Must Be Specified
+ValidationError.6=Missing table name in table configuration at index {0}
+ValidationError.7=SQL Statement is required if a generated key is specified in table configuration
for table {0}
+ValidationError.8=JavaModelGeneratorConfiguration is required for context {0}
+ValidationError.9=SqlMapGeneratorConfiguration is required for context {0}
+ValidationError.10=JdbcConnectionConfiguration is required for context {0}
+ValidationError.11=At least one IbatorConfiguration element is required
+ValidationError.12={0} Target Package is Required for context {1}
+ValidationError.13=If "useColumnIndexes" property is set, then either both or neither query
id must be set for table {0}
+ValidationError.14="searchString" is required for ColumnRenamingRule in table {0}
+ValidationError.15=Generated key type must be either "pre" or "post" if the type is specified
for a generated key for table {0}
+ValidationError.16="id" is required in an IbatorContext
+ValidationError.17="type" is required in an IbatorPlugin in context {0}
+ValidationError.18={0} requires the {1} property
+ValidationError.19=A null or empty string is not allowed for a classpath entry
+ValidationError.20="type" is required for DAO Generator in context {0}
+ValidationError.21="column" is required for <ignoredColumn> in table {0}
+ValidationError.22="column" is required for <columnOverride> in table {0}
+RuntimeError.0=configfile is a required parameter
+RuntimeError.1=configfile {0} does not exist
+RuntimeError.2=IbatorConfiguration is required
+RuntimeError.3=Cannot generate unique file name in directory {0}
+RuntimeError.4=XML Parser Error on line {0}: {1}
+RuntimeError.5=This is not an Ibator Configuration File
+RuntimeError.6=Cannot instantiate object of type {0}
+RuntimeError.7=Cannot connect to database (possibly bad driver/URL combination)
+RuntimeError.8=Exception getting JDBC Driver
+RuntimeError.9=Cannot resolve classpath entry: {0}
+RuntimeError.11=Enumerations do not have super classes 
+RuntimeError.12=Internal Error - Cannot calculate record type for selectByExample method
+RuntimeError.13=Invalid model type: {0}
+RuntimeError.14=Either resource or URL is required on the <properties> element, but
not both
+RuntimeError.15=<properties> resource {0} does not exist
+RuntimeError.16=Cannot load properties from <properties> resource {0}
+RuntimeError.17=Cannot load properties from <properties> url {0}
+RuntimeError.18=Unsupported XML Node Type {0} in XML File Merger
+RuntimeError.19=Value missing after {0}
+RuntimeError.20=Unknown argument: {0}
+RuntimeError.21=Error creating logger for class {0}.  Cause: {1}
+RuntimeError.22=Invalid Type Specification: {0}.
+Warning.0=There are no statements enabled for table {0}, this table will be ignored.
+Warning.1=Table {0} does not exist, this table will be ignored
+Warning.2=Existing file not overwritten, the generated file is saved as {0}
+Warning.3=Column {0}, specified for override in table {1}, does not exist in the table.
+Warning.4=Column {0}, specified to be ignored in table {1}, does not exist in the table.
+Warning.5=Column {0}, specified as an identity column in table {1}, does not exist in the
+Warning.6=Column {0}, specified as a generated key column in table {1}, does not exist in
the table.
+Warning.7=XML Parser Warning on line {0}: {1}
+Warning.9=The specified target project directory {0} does not exist
+Warning.10=Cannot create directory {0}
+Warning.11=Existing file {0} was overwritten
+Warning.12=The existing XML file {0} is not the same format as the generated file. \
+    The existing file will not be changed.
+Warning.13=Exception while attempting to merge the XML file {0}. \
+    The existing file will not be changed.
+Warning.14=Unsupported Data Type in table {0}, column: {1}, property defaults to Object type.
+Warning.15=Cannot obtain primary key information from the database, generated objects may
be incomplete
+Warning.16=Invalid value for exampleMethodVisibility specified ({0}), defaulting to public
+Warning.17=Cannot instantiate DAO method name calculator of type {0}, using default calculator
+Warning.18=Table {0} contains only LOB fields, this table will be ignored
+Warning.19=Table configuration with catalog {0}, schema {1}, and table {2} did not resolve
to any tables
+Warning.20=Root class {0} cannot be loaded, checking for member overrides is disabled for
this class 
+Warning.21=Property {0} exists in root class {1}, but is not of type {2}.  Ibator will generate
the property. 
+Warning.22=Property {0} exists in root class {1}, but does not have a getter.  Ibator will
generate the property. 
+Warning.23=Property {0} exists in root class {1}, but does not have a setter.  Ibator will
generate the property.
+Warning.24=Plugin {0} in context {1} is invalid and will be ignored.
+Warning.25=Table Configuration {0} matched more than one table ({1})
+Progress.0=Connecting to the Database
+Progress.1=Introspecting table {0}
+Progress.3=XML Parser Errors occurred:
+Progress.4=Ibator finshed successfully.
+Progress.5=Ibator finshed successfully, there were warninigs.
+Progress.6=Generating Example class for table {0}
+Progress.7=Generating Primary Key class for table {0}
+Progress.8=Generating Record class for table {0}
+Progress.9=Generating Record class (with BLOBs) for table {0}
+Progress.12=Generating SQL Map for table {0}
+Progress.13=Found SQL Statement: {0}
+Progress.14=Generating DAO Interface and Implementation for table {0}
+Progress.15=Saving file {0}
+Progress.16=Invalid configuration.  Details follow...
+Tracing.1=Retrieving column information for table "{0}"
+Tracing.2=Found column "{0}", data type {1}, in table "{2}"
+Tracing.3=Removing column "{0}" in table "{1}" because it is ignored by configuration
+Tracing.4=Found override for column "{0}" in table "{1}"
+Usage.0=Apache iBATIS Ibator - a code generator for iBATIS.  Usage:
+Usage.1=\   java -jar ibator.jar -configfile file_name [-overwrite]
+Usage.2=\                        [-contextids ids] [-tables tableNames]
+Usage.3=\                        [-forceJavaLogging] [-verbose] [-?|-h]
+Usage.6=\   -configfile: Specifies the the Ibator XML configuration file (required)
+Usage.8=\   -overwrite: If specified then existing Java files will be overwritten.
+Usage.9=\               If not specified, then  Ibator will not overwrite existing
+Usage.10=\               Java files (will save results in uniquely named files)
+Usage.12=\   -contextids: Used to specify a comma delimited list of contexts to use in
+Usage.13=\                this run of Ibator.  If not specified, all contexts will be
+Usage.14=\                used.
+Usage.16=\   -tables: Used to specify a comma delimited list of tables to use in this
+Usage.17=\            run of Ibator.  If not specified, all tables will be used.  Table
+Usage.18=\            names must be fully qualified (e.g. schema.tablename).  Table names
+Usage.19=\            must exactly match the case specified in the configuration file.
+Usage.21=\   -forceJavaLogging: Used to force Ibator to use standard Java logging even if
+Usage.22=\                      Log4J is available in the runtime classpath.  Ibator
+Usage.23=\                      normally will use Log4J if it is available at runtime.
+Usage.25=\   -verbose: If specified, Ibator will write progress messages to the console.
+Usage.27=\   -?|-h: Display this help text and exit.

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