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From "Gilles Bayon" <gilles.ba...@laposte.net>
Subject Team iBATIS releases iBATIS.NET 1.*.458
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 20:03:07 GMT
Team iBATIS releases iBATIS.NET 1.*.458

Build Date: 12-jan-2005
Build Number: 458

1.*.458 Alpha - 12-jan-2005
o Completed Documentation for DataAccess and DataMapper
o Added type (a CLR type) attribut in result and parameterMap element.
o Patch from Luke Yang
o Updated schema.
o Added explicit open/close connection for DataAccess framework.
o Added support for NHibernate in DataAccess framework
o Added optional tag 'daoSessionHandlers' in dao.config to support new
session handler (NHibernate)
o Changed 'name' attribut on 'context' tag to 'id' (dao.config)
o Changed 'name' attribut on 'daoSessionHandler' tag to 'id' (dao.config)
o Used Castle.DynamicProxy 1.0.3 for proxy.
o Added Unit Test for multiple/nested DAO Manager
o Added Xml Comment
o Fixed possible issue in ApplyParameterMap
o Added support for C# using syntax in DataAccess/DataMapper
       * using ( IDalSession session = daoManager.OpenConnection() )
      ...db operations...
       * using ( IDalSession session = daoManager.BeginTransaction() )
      ...db operations...
      session.Complete(); // Commit
    * using ( IDalSession session = sqlMap.OpenConnection() )
      ...db operations...
       * using ( IDalSession session = sqlMap.BeginTransaction() )
      ...db operations...
      session.Complete(); // Commit
o Added support for Distributed Transaction à la Indigo with
TransactionScope object in iBATIS.Common.Transaction
o Fixed bug for dynamic element isNotEqual (detected by Anders)
o Fixed possible issue in SessionContainer
o Refactoring of DaoSession
o Removed 'static' usage in DomDaoManagerBuilder
o Added support for embedded resource : only tag <properties ...>
  <properties embedded="database.config, IBatisNet.Test"/>
  and tag <sqlMap ...>
  <sqlMap embedded="Account.xml, IBatisNet.Test"/>
  will support it. Syntax for embedded attribut
  'file name, the name of the assembly which contains the embedded resource'
o Removed 'assembly' attribut on <daoFactory> element of Dao.Config
  the implementation structure attribut of <dao> element become the
namespaceoqualified name of the class is specified, followed by a comma,
followed by (at a bare minimum) the name of the assembly that contains the
o Removed 'static' usage in DomSqlMapBuilder
o Moved Alias management to IBatisNet.Common.Utilities
o Fixed request support 1032436, ByteArrayTypeHandler misses the last byte
o Fixed support request 1050704, Unable to use <selectKey> with
o Added 'extends' attribute on statement, see Unit tests TestExtends*
o Improved configuration building
o Fixed issue on cache initialization


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