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From Ted Husted <hus...@apache.org>
Subject Re:Subversion and a few other Qs
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 10:51:25 GMT
We might considering using a three part tag, such as core_1_5_0, for major/minor/milestone.


On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 09:14:23 +0100, gilles bayon wrote:
> I have changing the structure of the SVN repo for .NET tho follow
> the final structure that will be used in Apache SVN.
> Also, the new structure is the a the structure that each SVN repo
> must follow. The move to Apache SVN is in preparation. No firmer
> date is envisaged as I know.
> In SVN each release correpond to a tag (and will be in the tag
> repo).
> The DataAccess version will be 1.5 because of new features and
> refactoring of the core. The DataMapper version will be 1.1, just
> bug fixes/ and minor bew features (type attribut on resultMap,
> parameterMap) to better work with provider as OracleClient. The
> next version of DataMapper will be 1.5 as it must be included an
> entire refactoring of parametermMap handling and support for Custom
> type handlers ...   The DocBook-based Data Mapper/Data Access Guide
> are now split in multiple files to help maintenance and are
> specialized for .NET as .NET version of iBATIS is not at the same
> level of developpement as Java version.
> In future version, the merge will be re-considered. EyeBrowse :
> don't know.   Cheers -Gilles
> Hi.  I noticed that the WUSH.NET repository is changing structure. 
> Is this in prep to move the repository to Apache with iBATIS for
> Java also in Subversion?  Is there a firmer date for this move?
> How will the branching work (will there actually be branches)?  I
> seem to recall reading that iBATIS for Java was going for a release
> schedule like: .0 new features -> .1 bug fixes -> .2 new features -
> > .3 bug fixes etc (or maybe I made that up or mixed it up with my
> projects at work!  LOL).  Is iBATIS.NET also headed for the same
> release pattern?
> How is the documentation update for Java going to be handled?  I
> know that the DocBook-based Data Mapper Guide for .NET is now split
> up into various chapter files, but there is .NET-specific content
> in the “common” files, such as in examples and explanatory text. 
> Are the Java and .NET docs really going to share the same “common”
> files with the Developer Guide chapters being more specific
> Is EyeBrowse still in the works for the email list archives?  I do
> use mail-archive.com right now.
> Thanks!
> Roberto
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