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From "gilles bayon" <gilles.ba...@laposte.net>
Subject Re:Subversion and a few other Qs
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 08:14:23 GMT
I have changing the structure of the SVN repo for .NET tho follow the final structure that
will be used in Apache SVN.
Also, the new structure is the a the structure that each SVN repo must follow.
The move to Apache SVN is in preparation. 
No firmer date is envisaged as I know.

In SVN each release correpond to a tag (and will be in the tag repo).

The DataAccess version will be 1.5 because of new features and refactoring of the core.
The DataMapper version will be 1.1, just bug fixes/ and minor bew features (type attribut
on resultMap, parameterMap) to better work with provider as OracleClient.
The next version of DataMapper will be 1.5 as it must be included an entire refactoring of
parametermMap handling and support for Custom type handlers ...

The DocBook-based Data Mapper/Data Access Guide are now split in multiple files to help maintenance
and are specialized for .NET as .NET version of iBATIS is not at the same level of developpement
as Java version.
In future version, the merge will be re-considered.
EyeBrowse : don't know.


Hi.  I noticed that the WUSH.NET repository is changing structure.  

Is this in prep to move the repository to Apache with iBATIS for Java also in Subversion?
 Is there a firmer date for this move?

How will the branching work (will there actually be branches)?  I seem to recall reading that
iBATIS for Java was going for a release schedule like: .0 new features -> .1 bug fixes
-> .2 new features -> .3 bug fixes etc (or maybe I made that up or mixed it up with
my projects at work!  LOL).  Is iBATIS.NET also headed for the same release pattern?

How is the documentation update for Java going to be handled?  I know that the DocBook-based
Data Mapper Guide for .NET is now split up into various chapter files, but there is .NET-specific
content in the “common” files, such as in examples and explanatory text.  Are the Java and
.NET docs really going to share the same “common” files with the Developer Guide chapters
being more specific

Is EyeBrowse still in the works for the email list archives?  I do use mail-archive.com right



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