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From Roberto R <roberto.r...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: A releasing we will go
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 05:30:36 GMT
The main mirrored folders are ready. Just need to place files in there. I 
created and upload a keys file with my Apache public key a couple of weeks 
ago. Also, the sample mirrored downloads page is also in SVN.


On 7/19/05, Ted Husted <ted.husted@gmail.com> wrote:
> > iBATIS 2.1.5 is out
> First, kudos to everyone involved, especially Clinton, for rolling a
> 2.1.5 Java release.
> Aside from applying patches, the most important way we serve the
> community is by rolling releases, which hopefully reach GA status.
> A lot of the committers can use the nightly builds in our own
> projects, but most teams can't. Unless we release, and unless we can
> mark a release "Ready for prime time", most teams can't use fixes and
> improvements we make to our software. For most people, it doesn't
> matter if we apply their patch, or implement their feature request,
> unless the change makes it into a GA release.
> > We're increasing the size of the Java Team.
> As we add more committers, we might consider adopting a convention
> where the first thing a new committer should do is roll the next
> release (for the platform of their choice).
> Rolling a release shouldn't be hard, but it's one of those things
> people tend to shy away from at first. Since releasing is why we are
> here, I think it's important to try and get people "into the saddle"
> as soon as we can.
> Speaking of releases, where do we stand on hooking up with the Apache
> mirrors? (Given a website that refreshes, of course.)
> -Ted.

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