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From Larry Meadors <larry.mead...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Timeout Queries
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 05:29:17 GMT
That looks like to should be easy to add - it would touch several
classes, but I think you could add a timeout attribute to the select
element in the sql maps, and it would even be supported by j2se 1.3,
as well!

Add that to JIRA as a new feature, we'll get it in there. If you want
to make the change, you can post the code there, too. :-)


On 7/19/05, ankur.kumar@axa.com.au <ankur.kumar@axa.com.au> wrote:
> As per my project requirements, which is using Weblogic Application Server,
> it will co-exists with Pro4 Legacy System. But both of them will use the
> same Oracle database. 
> Pro4 application locks a record using "SELECT...FOR UPDATE" statement and
> keep it locked until the end of transaction (at the end of screen). 
> In the meanwhite, if web application tries to access the same record using
> JDBC API through IBATIS, it waits indefinetely until record is released (by
> commit/rollback). This is an undesirable situation where application server
> should show an error to user that record is locked by legacy system user,
> not that JSP page will wait forever. 
> What is the alternative approach or solution to this problem using IBATIS? 
> In Statement, there is a timeout method stmt.setQueryTimeout(<secs>), which
> is helpful in this scenario. But I dont have access 
> to Statement object in IBatis. 
> Do we need to support this in IBatis?? 
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