The main mirrored folders are ready.  Just need to place files in there.  I created and upload a keys file with my Apache public key a couple of weeks ago.  Also, the sample mirrored downloads page is also in SVN.


On 7/19/05, Ted Husted <> wrote:
> iBATIS 2.1.5 is out

First, kudos to everyone involved, especially Clinton, for rolling a
2.1.5 Java release.

Aside from applying patches, the most important way we serve the
community is by rolling releases, which hopefully reach GA status.

A lot of the committers can use the nightly builds in our own
projects, but most teams can't. Unless we release, and unless we can
mark a release "Ready for prime time", most teams can't use fixes and
improvements we make to our software. For most people, it doesn't
matter if we apply their patch, or implement their feature request,
unless the change makes it into a GA release.

>  We're increasing the size of the Java Team.

As we add more committers, we might consider adopting a convention
where the first thing a new committer should do is roll the next
release (for the platform of their choice).

Rolling a release shouldn't be hard, but it's one of those things
people tend to shy away from at first. Since releasing is why we are
here, I think it's important to try and get people "into the saddle"
as soon as we can.

Speaking of releases, where do we stand on hooking up with the Apache
mirrors?  (Given a website that refreshes, of course.)