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From "Jeff Butler" <jeffgbut...@gmail.com>
Subject [Opinion] New Attribute on <iterate> Tag
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 22:30:58 GMT
I'd like to add a new attribute to the <iterate> tag:
removeFirstPrependOnEachIteration (true|false).

The current removeFirstPrepend function on the <iterate> tag works correctly
in most cases (it removes the first prepend of any nested tag once for the
entire iterate loop).  I'm running into a situation with some new function
I'm adding to Abator where it would be good to have the removeFirstPrepend
work with every iteration in the iterate loop.  Hence the new proposed

I would make it so that you could not specify both "removeFirstPrepend" and
"removeFirstPrependOnEachIteration".  This attribute would only apply to the
<iterate> tag (obviously).

I have some tests coded, and a simple implementation - so I know it will
work the way that I want it to.

Does anyone have a strong objection to this, or a suggestion for a better
name for the attribute?

Jeff Butler

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