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From "Clinton Begin" <clinton.be...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: New iBATIS Documentation Format
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 15:45:06 GMT
I've just read the install docs for APT....it's not as bad as DocBook Wiki,
but it does rely on LaTex and a couple of other de facto *nix treats.

Yeesh.  I may be starting to lean towards Confluence or DocBook.

Depends where the important values are.  Do people care about a single
downloadable, printable PDF?  Or do they care more about being able to
contribute on a regular basis and get the most up-to-date documentation
possible without a full time tech writer?  :-/

We're having the exact same discussion internally at TW.  Obviously there
are no perfect solutions.  So we should write one.  ;-)

New OSS project anyone?


On 10/3/06, Richard Sullivan <itexpert.sullivan@gmail.com> wrote:
> APT looks great.  The "IBatis for Python" crowd will love it ;=)
> > Others alternatives I'm forgetting?
> The docbook-wiki combination I mentioned in an earlier rant (
> http://doc-book.sourceforge.net/homepage/ ).    It basically offers
> similar advantages as APT and Confluence.  It is editable directly via
> the web, stores everything in docbook format and can generate whatever
> format you want.   The downside could be a tough installation. I just
> read the install guide - it looks OK as long as you run Red Hat or
> Fedora.  The product relies on a plethora of publishing RPMs.  There
> is nothing exotic amongst the packages and are probably all availabe
> in any RH/FC distro but if you run something else then I guess you are
> going to spend many hours figuring out exactly which packages you
> need.
> g'luck,
> Richard
> (who is still busy with his first IBatis project and probably about to
> unleash a whole bunch of newbie questions soon)

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