I'm for DOCBOOK.  It much more functional than APT at the cost of some complexity, it's in wide use (something of a standard), it's not really that hard to use, and there are tutorials all over the place.  I believe Larry found that we could get free licenses to a good WYSIWYG tool if someone needs that.
From the APT home page:
The APT format (Almost Plain Text) is a simple markup language (like HTML) than can be used to write simple article-like documents (like HTML).
I don't think our developer's guide could be described as a "simple article-like document".
As for the deployment issue...I think DOCBOOK is as automatable as APT - isn't it just a transform?
Jeff Butler

On 10/3/06, Richard Sullivan <itexpert.sullivan@gmail.com> wrote:
APT looks great.  The "IBatis for Python" crowd will love it ;=)

> Others alternatives I'm forgetting?
The docbook-wiki combination I mentioned in an earlier rant (
http://doc-book.sourceforge.net/homepage/ ).    It basically offers
similar advantages as APT and Confluence.  It is editable directly via
the web, stores everything in docbook format and can generate whatever
format you want.   The downside could be a tough installation. I just
read the install guide - it looks OK as long as you run Red Hat or
Fedora.  The product relies on a plethora of publishing RPMs.  There
is nothing exotic amongst the packages and are probably all availabe
in any RH/FC distro but if you run something else then I guess you are
going to spend many hours figuring out exactly which packages you

(who is still busy with his first IBatis project and probably about to
unleash a whole bunch of newbie questions soon)