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From Kai Grabfelder <nos...@kinokai.de>
Subject Re: iBatis Eclipse Plugin
Date Sat, 05 Jul 2008 09:05:46 GMT
Hi there,

the students project is now finished. The results can be found here http://sourceforge.net/projects/eclibatis

Installation instructions, a little bit of usage and feature documentation as well as an eclipse
will follow in the next few days...

The code is already under the Apache License 2.0 so maybe we can move the plugin to the ibator
umbrella at 
some point in the future...

Thanks to my students for their good work!



--- Original Nachricht ---
Absender: Patrick Huy
Datum: 16.05.2008 15:23
> Hi
> a quick update from our site, nothing usable to show yet but we'd like 
> to post a list of features we'd like to get done
> - code Completion in config and mapping files
> -- class completion (in appropiate attributes ctrl+space (java) class 
> completion should be provided)
> -- context completion for jdbc types
> - linking
> -- linking from mappings to (java) classes
> -- linking from java classes to mapping files (does jdt allow such things?)
> - generating resultmaps from (java) classes
> - validation (?)
> -- validate wether classes references in mapping files exist
> -- validate if referenced mapppings exist
> Patrick
>> Hi,
>> We are three students of the University Furtwangen in Germany and we 
>> are working on a semester project for the company Innovations.
>> Innovations would like us to create an Eclipse Plugin which aids 
>> working with iBatis by providing Autocompletion and Linking where 
>> appropiate. We won't have to touch any iBatis code for this and it 
>> will only be semantical dependent on iBatis.
>> The question is: when we get something useful to work would you be 
>> interested in offering this plugin on the main iBatis website/as part 
>> of the iBatis project?
>> Greetings
>> Patrick Huy

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