On Jul 7, 2008, at 9:15 AM, Clinton Begin wrote:

What keeps you from testing the Beta versions when we release them?  There's not much point in a beta period if nobody tries them... :-/

I guess it's because in our JIRA the "Upgrade to IBATIS xxx" entry is one of those rainy day tasks that we get around to when we can.  We do have several large projects using IBATIS, though, so I'll try to pay more attention to your betas to give you some early feedback.


On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 8:05 AM, Tom Duffey <tduffey@utilivisor.com> wrote:

Can someone take a quick look at IBATIS-522?  The patch is simple and we had to apply it to our software after upgrading to 2.3.2 so I'd like to know if it will eventually be incorporated.