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From Clinton Begin <clinton.be...@gmail.com>
Subject Changed Maven Artifact ID and location for iBATIS 3
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2010 00:10:35 GMT
I hope nobody minds, but I've changed the artifact ID for iBATIS 3 to avoid
the duplication of the "3" version number.

Previously the maven coordinates were something like ibatis-3-core-3.0,
which looked funny.  With the new coordinates, it will simply be
ibatis-core-3.0.  Much nicer.


In addition, we currently publish iBATIS 3 to:


I'd like to move it to a more consistent and appropriate spot to better
follow maven conventions:


I've also completely removed the Ant build, and now iBATIS 3 builds and
assembles completely with Maven.

Some day I'll probably move the migrations to their own module, but
currently migrations just gets packaged as a second assembly as part of
iBATIS core.   It's non-intrusive, as we don't ever deploy migrations to the
repository -- it's just a command line tool that uses the ibatis libraries.
 Like I say though, we'll move it out as soon as it becomes more intrusive
than it is.

I hope you're all cool with the changes.  I'm quite happy with it (despite
an odd corruption of the HTML reports generated from surefire tests, but I
can live with it for now, until we figure it out).

*All of these changes will be evident in the next Beta release, which will
likely be the GA candidate release.*


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