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From "roberto" <robe...@theaegis.org>
Subject RE: Dao
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 01:57:49 GMT
Ok.  I've taken a longer look at the files that were attached to the
original email.


Is ServiceConfig2 meant to be a thread-safe singleton?  It seems like it's
missing a static on GetInstance.I think, if that's what it's supposed to be

What are these for?:


            private DaoManager _daoManagerLara = null;

            private DaoManager _daoManagerWimb1 = null;

            private DaoManager _daoManagerWimb2 = null;

            private DaoManager _daoManagerStat = null;


Are you having problems with calling ServiceConfig2.GetInstance() and things
are out of sync?  I would try to solve the thread-safe singleton issue with
ServiceConfig2 and also apply the dao.config context and daoSessionHandler
attribute name to id changes to see if that helps.





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If you're using DataAccess Alpha 1.5, try changing all <context name="xxx">
(as Kit mentioned!) and all <daoSessionHandler name="SqlMap"> as well to
<context id="xxx"> and <daoSessionHandler id="SqlMap">.




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