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From Ron Grabowski <rongrabow...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Castle.DynamicProxy versioning?
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 18:30:28 GMT
I was talking to another list member off list, Chris Weisel, who was
experiencing the same issues from after downloading the binaries from
the website. He walked me through what he was doing and wrote a post
that hasn't made it to the list yet. It should say something along the
lines of: the binaries that are linked from ibatis.com
(DataMapper-bin-1.2-Alpha.zip) ship with Castle 1.1.0 but the projects
themselves were built against Castle 1.0.3. I've confirmed this with
Reflector. Opening IBatisNet.DataMapper.dll or IBatisNet.DataAccess.dll
and going to the Castle reference in the References tree node. You
should see this:

// Assembly Reference Castle.DynamicProxy
Name: Castle.DynamicProxy, Version=, Culture=neutral,

When you drag the Castle assembly (from the same .zip file into
Reflector you see this:

// Assembly Castle.DynamicProxy, Version 
Name: Castle.DynamicProxy, Version=, Culture=neutral,

They're not the same :(

I saw Gilles promoted the build to beta. I think we need to start the
cycle again with 1.2.1 and 1.6.1.

Chris also said that if you copy Castle 1.0.3 into your app's bin
folder everything appears to work ok.

- Ron

--- Bob Hanson <mnbob70@gmail.com> wrote:

> No matter what I do, I am unable to get rid of the error.
> Can someone please just tell me if I'll have any problems if I
> continue to use castle.dynamicproxy 1.0.3 with mapper 1.2?

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