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From "Jeremy Gray" <jg...@siberra.com>
Subject cacheModel interaction with non-SimpleType parameter objects without parameter maps
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 01:18:07 GMT
During some testing of cache models today I noticed that the cache was
returning incorrect results.


Upon breaking out the debugger (against a locally-built copy of a fairly
recent SVN version) I was able to determine that non-SimpleType
parameter objects without parameter maps seem to be provoking incorrect
cacheKey equality matches, causing the wrong result to be returned from
the cache. 


Between the code (and its apparent behaviour in the face of
non-SimpleType parameter objects) and the documentation (with respect to
parameter maps and dynamic sql) it would seem that caching might only
work with simple types and might not work at all in the context of
dynamic sql. Before I dig much farther into the code tomorrow might
someone be able to confirm/deny the above statements?


Thanks in advance,


Jeremy Gray

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